10 Ways to Use QR Codes for Marketing

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What is a QR code?

According to Wikipedia, QR code (or QR code in English) is a two-dimensional barcode (or matrix code) composed of black modules arranged in a square with a white background. The name QR stands for Quick Response, as its data content can be decoded quickly.

Simply put, this code is an image that you can create and that, once scanned by the mobile phone of one of your customers or potential customers, can be displayed on a website, over a text, a phone number, or a Will bring to send SMS.

QR codes can be used in many ways in marketing.

You also have the possibility to get creative with your QR codes, personalizing your scenes to make them more appealing than a simple succession of black squares.

Basic QR Code Example

All colors can be used as long as the choice between a light color and a dark color is respected. In other words, if the colors are too similar, the devices will no longer be able to detect the code of the message.

Also note that the lighter color is in the background and the darker color draws the code.

Another aspect that can be played on is the form of the code. For example, you can round lines. Your QR code achieves a liquidity pleasing to the eye. You can also add elements, images or even give a 3D impression to attract the attention of passersby.

Remember to always test your QR code with different tools to ensure its efficiency and proper functioning before starting the adventure! More information about this article.

10 uses of QR codes to market your business

On your business card

Do you have too many contact details to put on your business card and love clean designs? Create a QR code that will take the customer or prospect to whom you give your card to a micro mobile site, where the person will find a link to all your social network profiles, your phone number, your email address, your site, your blog and any other information that you consider relevant. Add a photo of yourself so that people can easily recognize you when you’re on the micro-site. This will help maintain the relationship of trust that began in person during your meeting!

Shop window for opening hours

Do you have a business? Create a QR code that will give your store’s hours of operation to people passing by at all times. It’s a lot more sophisticated method than a traditional table of opening hours that fade in the sun! You can also integrate your link to your Google Maps review page to collect feedback from your customers and, at the same time, work on your e-reputation.

If you have an online store, it is also possible to generate QR codes for your products so that users can easily share them with their friends. If you are Woocommerce, all you need to do is install the “QR Codes for Woocommerce” plugin.

Restaurant showcase

When you’re roaming the streets of a city you don’t know much about and it’s time to refuel, choosing a restaurant by name and storefront isn’t always easy. It’s far more pleasant to choose from than looking at menus or brochures! Create a QR code that will give access to your menu on a passerby’s smartphone, this can convince him to stop near your house. And don’t forget to give an overview of your wine list too, because if it’s aperitif time, it can weigh in the balance!

Give discount coupon

Do you buy ads regularly and is it expensive? Why not create a QR code to increase the amount of information you provide in your ad without increasing the size and cost!

Do you work in a cafe?

If, like many web entrepreneurs and bloggers, you spend a lot of time in cafes to work, why not take advantage of your laptop to promote your site?

Here’s how: Create a QR code and have it printed on a skin sticker mounted on your laptop. This will allow people to scan your code while you work!

To pique your curiosity, also indicate a catchy phrase on the skin that you want to scan the code for to learn more. This code can then lead to your site, or even, if you want to use it to start an in-person conversation at the cafe, ask yourself a simple question!

Further information

Do you have a business and sell different brands of products? Add QR code which will allow people to get more information about the brand or model of the products available.

In a cinema

If you have a playhouse or movie theater, you can put up large posters with a QR code on them so that people can subscribe to your list and be notified when new events are released. This will allow you to create a list of people you can pre-sell tickets to!

For writers

Are you publishing a book and want to make it more interactive? Add a QR code to the cover of the book to provide additional information or drive people to your site. You can even add code inside the book to provide additional information!

Big savings tips

Test, test and test again! Before you print out 10,000 copies of your QR code, test it with one or two different phones to make sure it works. Being avant-garde in your marketing is all well and good, but when it doesn’t work, it’s not very useful and it can be harmful by giving us a bad image!

Monitor the performance of its QR Code campaigns

Here is a good exercise to track the performance of your QR code. Instead of referencing the classic URL of your page (example: www.webmarketing-com.com/mapage), prefer using URLs tracked by Google Analytics (or your audience analysis tool) using UTM.

This will allow you to accurately track the number of visits brought in by your campaign.

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