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Improving The Ergonomics of a Mobile Application

The continuing evolution of mobile marketing   In mobile marketing today it is impossible to ignore the ergonomics of an application if the aim is to improve the browsing experience of an Internet user while using their smartphone. This is an essential criterion to face the increasingly stiff competition among the millions of applications existing in the market. So, how to improve ergonomic mobile application? Hence mobile is an essential device today which has become increasingly popular among the general public. It is no longer just a […]

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Mobile Site Monetization: Different Solutions

Mobile Monetization With over 6.64 billion smartphone users in the World today, the question of having a mobile site or application no longer arises. The market is already there and it should continue to grow over the next few years. But how to monetize a mobile site? Should we use the same methods as a classic website? Here’s an overview of the various solutions… Monetization of mobile sites is no longer in its infancy, the options are multiplying and the monetization processes are becoming more and more […]

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