Mobile Site Monetization: Different Solutions

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Mobile Monetization

With over 6.64 billion smartphone users in the World today, the question of having a mobile site or application no longer arises. The market is already there and it should continue to grow over the next few years. But how to monetize a mobile site? Should we use the same methods as a classic website? Here’s an overview of the various solutions…

Monetization of mobile sites is no longer in its infancy, the options are multiplying and the monetization processes are becoming more and more efficient. The returns in terms of profit per visit are also often better than those of the classic website.

There are several app monetization models. These models vary in user privacy, user experience, and cost to developers. It’s an important aspect for app developers to bear in mind when building their apps as the monetization model chosen can affect the user features, app layout, experience (UX) and more.

Classic Display Ad

In addition to contextual links, you can subscribe to mobile ad networks or use your own ad servers and promote to your customers.

There are still some agencies out there, that I found during my research: Admob, Widespace, or even Mobeelis. If you know of others, feel free to add them via comments.

If you prefer to manage your ads yourself, you can use an adserver such as SmartAdserver.

Mobile connectivity

Classic affiliate platforms like TradeDoubler, Affiliate or even Affiliate can be very well suited for a mobile site. While some have specialized in the mobile format, here are some examples: MobPartner, Wister and Cellfiliation.

Register your mobile site with these different platforms and choose the programs best suited for your audience.

If you want a good example of setting up a mobile affiliation, I advise you to study the iPhone application from, which is especially well thought out in terms of monetization. Each download is actually paid for through the Apple program available from Tradedoubler.

Paid mobile application on AppStore

Creating an app and selling it on the Appstore is also a great way to earn income. Be careful if you offer a paid application, it must be of genuine interest to the user. If your application is only to sell your product, it is better to offer it for free to reach a wider audience.

Promotional Mechanisms That Can Support Monetization

Certain devices can help you monetize your mobile audience. For example QR code. By highlighting them in your point of sale, your customers will be easily redirected to your mobile site. If the topic interests you, do not hesitate to re-read the article: 10 Ways to Use QR Codes in Your Marketing,

Push systems can also be very useful for mobile applications. The mobile user may be warned when your application is updated.

And you, have you thought about monetizing your mobile site? What do you think are the best ways to earn income from it?

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