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Facebook Posts

With the rise of digital, every company needs to have a presence on social media. These applications are beneficial for developing a personal relationship with customers. With nearly 3 billion users, Facebook is one of the most widely used social networks in the world.


Thanks to hashtags (#), the sign that unites your posts around a single topic, users can easily find the information that interests them. Hashtags are present on all social networks. In addition to increase the visibility of your posts, these types of keywords are used to measure the click-through rate based on the type of hashtags used on your posts.

Essential to cross-media, hashtags make it possible to distribute content quickly. Thus, the hashtag you use on Facebook can also be used on other media such as YouTube, Instagram or Twitter for example.

To get more engagement, use a variety of hashtags, as using the same #s can penalize Facebook’s algorithms. So update your list regularly which should contain different hashtags with low, medium and high volume. And why not create your own hashtag?

2. Express Emotions

Broadcast various emotions through your publications to arouse the interest of Internet users. Whether information is scary, makes you smile, shakes or makes you dream, the emotions transmitted play a major role in advertising your brand.

You can stir up the emotions of your fans by discussing a topic that has been the subject of controversy. Quality videos and photos on original topics also help you express emotion through your posts.

Emotion is conducive to interaction between users, as it promotes the sharing of your publications and thus helps increase your sales. However, to avoid bad discussions, always tackle topics related to your brand.

3. Know the Latest Trends

Learn about the latest trends by following the news. Various tools, such as Topito, Trendhunter or Google Trends, for example, make it possible to find the most popular trends of the moment. When you address the most viral themes in your posts, you increase your chances of generating high traffic.

To get the latest information, many internet users like to join social networks to follow the latest hot topics. By updating yourself, you will manage to attract more prospects.

Don’t hesitate to educate yourself on the subject. Take a look at this certifying “Developing Your Activity with Webmarketing” course which offers a module on Social Media Strategy.

4. Master the Facebook Algorithm

In 2022, Facebook’s News Feed algorithm sheds light on the user experience by analyzing the relevance of your publications. If you meet the various criteria imposed by the Facebook algorithm, your publications will appear in the newsfeeds of many users. To assess the relevance of your posts on Facebook, the algorithm takes into account various elements, such as engagement, post length, signals, predictions, interactions, video formats, or images for example.

5. Focus on Quality

Too many posts can exhaust the user who can disable notifications on your latest posts. They may also unsubscribe from your pages because they will no longer be interested in your brand. Instead of posting every day, you can bet on one or a few quality posts per week, with writing optimized specifically for Facebook’s algorithm.

6. Write Relevant Content

Set the most appropriate line and editorial tone to highlight your services, products and brand. In order to engage your followers, all your posts must be related to your industry.

Still, about 30% of your posts should be about your services or products, while the rest of your posts should be “selfless” content. By doing this, your customers will continue to engage with your brand and receive all your news.

7. Chat in the comments

To convert your prospects into customers and build customer loyalty, stay with your customers. Interact with them regularly in the comments, help them find solutions to their technical problems. Answer all their questions and explain to them in detail the various benefits of your offer. In this way, you will show them that you are available and that your company is responsible as well as being close to its customers. However, adopt a calm tone in all your answers and avoid getting provoked.

8. Ask Questions

When you market services or products, you need to know them in order to bring complete satisfaction to your community. In your posts, show that you care by asking questions. Then you will get the answer in the comments.

Before you ask your question, research your community to learn more about it. You will be able to ask pertinent questions to which you will surely have answers and thus generate conversation.

9. Mention pages

Use the name @page whenever you talk about another page, personality or when you publish text from a magazine. The pages you mention can do the same thing when talking about your brand, while sending you traffic. Thus mentioning other pages makes it possible for your company to open a circle of beneficial virality.

10. Choose the right timing for the posts

Since Internet users are not always connected, you should know the hours during which they watch news on social networks. Choose this limited time to publish your content on Facebook.

On Facebook, you will find various tools to analyze your community. Then compare peak times, then go for the best times. If necessary, you can re-adjust this slot.

On the Internet, it is possible to consult analyzes conducted to estimate the most favorable time for publication in your field of activity. However, it is still recommended to rely on your page statistics and learn more about your audience.

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